Former TV Presenter Posts Intimate Photos In Bed With Her Boyfriend

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2016)


Former KBC TV presenter Elizabeth Irungu today posted a couple of intimate photos with her boyfriend while still in bed. She posted them on Facebook to her thousands of followers. Elizabeth has also worked with YouthTV and PR companies.

14595730_1109667192462178_3154289983473135939_nThe caption on the photo was

Goodmorning ♡
When his fast asleep but I cannot resist waking up early just to admire his gorgeous face & take a million selfies coz I’m just simply crazily obsessed with him! 🙂

Pssh ladies don’t act like ya’al don’t know what i’m talking about here hehehe! Najua mnajua! 😉 Any woman who has ever truly fallen in love with someone,wakes up first thing in the morning or even in the middle of the night to just stare at her man when he’s sleeping! #known_fact Creepy move,I know but very common amongst us women lol! We just wanna see uso yako handsome and listen to u breathing na kung’orota ng’orota hapo kama tractor mzee haha! Kawaida ya madem wote!

Then my sweetheart gets all irritated by me goes all complaining like,”arrgh wachana na mimi nilale please! Sweetie wacha tu nilale! Please! No no no wacha kunipendua pendua kunipiga ma-picha! Please what is wrong sasa tafash? What are u doing baby? Argh baby why? Si ulale tu pia! Why are u disturbing me like this niki doze?”…

hehehe! So funny akijiringa! 😉 such a cutie tho! :*

Anyway, this is MY amazing special someone! MINE & ONLY MINE! SO BACK OFF TEAM MAFISILET,I SEE U LARKING IN THE SHADOWS OF MY FBK niko rada yenyu fisi-dome! I will beat u.

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