10 Funny & Creative Goodnight Messages You Can Try Out

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2019)

Sometimes a simple “goodnight” just doesn’t cut it. We may want to go the extra mile. Here are a couple of funny and creative ways you can say goodnight that you can try out:

1.Have a good extended blink


2. “I’m off to check my eyelids for cracks


3. “Time for to go up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire”



“I wish thou, the person that I am speaking to, a very very excellent evening and sleep thereafter, for I am going to consider planning to take a bug net or a similar kind of net and capture multiple instances of the 26th letter of the alphabet, pronounced either Zee or Zed depending on the location of the singularity instance that is the aforementioned person”

Translation: good night, gonna catch some Z’s


5. “I’m going to go unconscious for a few hours, hallucinate vividly and then completely forget about it. I’ll see you after that.”


6. You have eight hours where you’ll lie comatose. I’ll see you when your body kicks you out of fantasy.


7. May the snores be with you


8. Sweet dreams, if you sleep. Sweet thoughts if you don’t.


9. Nighty night, keep that butthole tight


10. Shibby dippy ding dong, I hope you’re going to be in a thong