Is Gallileo Lounge Closing? Management Responds To Claims

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2016)


Gallileo Lounge is one of the most popular nightclubs in Nairobi and almost everyday people flock the place to have a great time.

Recently there have been rumours that they have closed down but that is not the case. According to the management, the place is simply undergoing some renovation.

The management want to install new state of the art sound equipment and re-do the private VIP joints. They are also putting up a much more modern dance floor.  This will help the establishment attract more high net worth individuals who will spend so many thousands every night.

Here is a statement from the management:

“It is our tradition to refurbish the lounge every year. We are not closing down. Galileos can only get better and our clients should know that we are only making things better for them,”