Getting A GOtv Set Top Box Using M-Shwari

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2014)


PayTV in Kenya is growing day by day but the penetration levels are still very low since many Kenyans cannot still afford it hence they prefer having the old free to air system. Multichoice and Commercial Bank of Africa have come up with a financing option for you to easily get a GOtv in your house


1. If you have a loan limit of sh1000, you can get this loan. Dial *243*6# to see if you qualify.

2. Go to a Multichoice selling point with your ID or Passport.

3. Pay a minimum of sh1000 via paybill

4. Complete the debt acknowledgement form.

5. You will get a payment notification, afterwards collect your GOtv decoder. You will need to pay the sh2,400 plus a sh300 loan interest to your M-Shwari account in 3 months installments.

6. This loan is different from your other M-Shwari loans hence you will still qualify if you have an existing loan.

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