Gilgil MP Martha Wangari Explains Why She Dumped And Kicked Out Husband From Matrimonial Home

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

Gilgil MP Martha Wangari has been recently trending on social media after news popped up that she decided to evict her husband, Peter Karanja, from their matrimonial home. She has since divorced him accusing him of infidelity, insults and domestic violence.

In an interview, she said:

I loved this man and I have given this relationship my all but the physical violence has gotten to a point I know I will be killed. And it was better for me to walk out of the relationship than die and leave my children.

He tracked my phone  and followed me as I was meeting some other women leaders. He dragged me out of the meeting , beat me up and then tried to run over me with a Mercedes car. The irony is that the car is the one I had bought him.

It is better for people to judge me for having left my husband than people bury me because my husband killed me. If I didn’t love that man with all my heart. I would not have persevered five years of providing for him and he beats me. He used to track my car, my phone and my emails.

Martha revealed that her ex husband’s jealousy started when she was nominated to parliament by UDF party in 2013. She vied for Gilgil parliamentary seat under Jubilee Party in 2017 and was elected.

While talking about her husband’s infidelity, she said:

He started dating my secretary behind my back and had a baby with her. her child and my child were born four months apart. If I asked him about such a disrespectful thing as sleeping with and impregnating my secretary he would turn abusive.

As a wife, if my partner has no money, I take up the responsibility to provide for the family but when it reaches a level where the same man is asking me for money so that he can go spending on other women, I put my foot down.

Martha will also head to court to compel him to pay for the children’s upkeep besides evicting him from her house.

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