This Girl Hasn’t Cut Her Nails For Three Years and The Results Are Unreal

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2017)

A 16 year old student by the name Simone Taylor from Nuremberg Germany, has spent over three years growing her finger nails to a point they now resemble a bird’s talons since they are 15 centimeters long.

Her grades at school have suffered since she can’t do PE classes. She has a special way of writing and typing with her long finger nails. She has to shower and dress up with caution to avoid any painful breakages.

She said:

I have exams at the moment and it’s hard to write, after one hour of writing my hands really hurt. On the computer, I have to type using my knuckles.

Luckily, German schools don’t have dress codes, so they don’t cause any issues there.

PE is a huge problem, though. I can’t play volleyball, basketball or anything similar. My PE teachers are always trying to convince me to cut my nails. They’ll never succeed in convincing me – but that makes my grades in PE really bad.

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