Google Maps Lets You Check Live Traffic On Nairobi Roads

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2015)


Ma3Route is the best thing that has happened on Kenyan social media when it comes to knowing which roads have traffic, the cause of traffic and generally what is happening on our roads. Well Google wants a share of this market.

Google Maps now provided real time traffic information in Nairobi CBD and its environs.


Google uses different type of colours to indicate the traffic density on a particular road. These are Green, Orange and Red.

  • Green means that the road has no traffic delays
  • Orange means the road has medium traffic
  • Red means that the road has a lot of traffic delays. The dark it is the worse the traffic

Not only do they use colours, Google Maps also has icons that will indicate what exactly is happening. One will indicate there is an accident and another will show when a road has been closed.

This new Google platform is different from Ma3Route but both are very useful in their own way.


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