This Gospel Musician Makes Ksh30 Million A Month But Gets None Of Money

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2016)


Her name is Eunice Njeri and she is behind the hit gospel songs Unatosha, Nani Kama Wewe, Nimekubali, Najua etc which receive massive airplay all over. Believe it or not her songs have generated over Ksh30 million a month from just Safaricom’s Skiza Tunes.

However, she gets none of that money. The company that the money is released to gobbles up all of the 15% royalty that Safaricom releases (Safaricom does not pay the artist directly since there is a middle man here who collects all the money for various artist in a specific music category).


Currently we do not know the terms and conditions she signed in her contracts with Liberty Africa, the CMO (Collective Management Organization), which may have led to her not to receive any money from the platform. Here is her full statement:

My name is Eunice Njeri
Am a Gospel musician and i Love Jesus. Maybe you might remember me from the close to 30 Million Kenya Shillings you make every month from my music…or almost half a billion Kenya Shillings you have made the last one year,not so big in your eyes but enormous to mine. The 15 percent you gave to liberty africa has been generously distributed to themselves and nothing reached me. Today I struggle with not much to live on but a few shillings I get every now and then…. I tried my best to do what God called me to do but you made the money. Bound with contracts I may never get anything from you….big as you are who can touch you? I can’t. Hopefully you read this and God touches you to remember the singer…that would be me….. Eunice Njeri Mathenge

For any new artist out there, read the contracts carefully before signing and clarify any question you have when it comes to money.

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