Grace Msalame Addresses Rumors Of Getting A BMW X5 From Her Boss

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2016)


A couple of days ago, Evans Gikunda’s Whatsapp messages broke the internet after they were circulated by his friend whom he owed money to and had refused to pay.  Media personality Grace Msalame was one of the people mentioned in the chats with some crazy stories.

In the screenshots, Evans Gikunda stated that Grace was the mistress of her boss Patrick Quarcoo (PQ) and he had bought her a BMW X5.


Grace has now addressed those allegations through her blog and her is what she said:

My year already has been one thing after another, online “stories” since January and I call them stories, because that’s all they are! some more fabricated than others with the newest one making me a proud new owner of a BMW X5!!

My family & friends all saw that story and were rolling on the floor with laughter! wondering why they have never been privy to this information! because all those who know me, know how uneventful and boring my life really is, quite simple and quiet, still with my very first car, my “Dudu” as I fondly call it

My VW Polo! so please don’t believe everything you hear or read, especially bearing in mind that people very easily create their own truths based on their perceptions and personal experiences.”

“Incidentally as I type this, I’m tagged on a list of “Celebs” who use enlargement pills for their hips and derriere! another big laugh out loud moment for mebecause again, all those who know me, know this body structure runs in our family and sad fact is my current state is purely just me getting fatterI’m getting older! so my hormones are all over the place, so if I eat badly and not work-out as I should, these are the results, but that’s probably too boring for blogs! they need to juice up the story with fabrications!