This Guy Has Solid Advice For Those Who Think Of Making Money Through County Govt Tenders

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2017)

If you are a business owner and you get enticed by the millions offered from the county government through tenders you should read this advice from a guy by the name George Kamau from Nakuru County.

Some advice for fellow entrepreneurs. If your business has an already established client base, is profitable and operating above break even, please stay away from County business opportunities.

Counties will completely destabilize your operations. They will either not pay you for goods and services delivered or pay you for not delivering anything at all. They shall also divert your attention from your ‘normal’ customers and make you focus all your energy towards the county. You shall make daily trips to meet procurement people leave alone the numerous phone calls and in the process deny your business your much needed time and attention.

County staff shall make you contribute to their church harambees, fuel their cars send them airtime and always drain your resources gotten from your normal clients. They always make you feel indebted, either because of the previous LPO you got or because of a false hope to get another. County procurement staff are like Panda Mbegu pastors. They will eat you and drop you anytime. I have seen many businesses go down as a result of getting pulled into County shenanigans.

Huge business Enterprises and consultancies have completely shut down and all they talk about is a pending payment from County X. Or a huge payment they got for supplying nothing to County Y. If you are out there always wishing to get a County hook up you better think twice. Folks, beware of what you wish for… You better stick to the knitting. Thank me later.

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