Here Is Why Lillian Muli Stopped Wearing Thongs

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2018)

Lillian Muli has decided to be very open about her pregnancy journey and even went ahead to start a show called “Pregnant With Lillian” which airs exclusively on Viusasa.

She recently revealed that the pregnancy has forced her to change her entire wardrobe. She had to keep away the tight figure hugging clothes and go for lose fitting clothes which are more comfortable. Her underwear even had to change since she couldn’t wear thongs anymore.

“Your underwear has to change, you can’t wear thongs anymore. You have to wear those pull-ups that go all the way up you know like those Lingala dancers. So yeah my underwear, I have plenty of it but it’s not nice looking. I try keeping it black don’t wear green or yellow. Wear black or navy blue because it’s still elegant.

Deeras are very fashionable especially those that have embroidery and sequins they can serve over the weekend especially if you want to feel elegant and not construed in any way.” she said.

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