Some Of The Highest Earning CEOs In Kenya In 2016

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2016)

Am sure a number of us have always wanted to be the CEO of a bluechip company due to the high salaries these people bank in their accounts. However, just a very tiny number are chosen to be in such positions.

Today we focus on some of the highest earning CEO in our publicly listed companies. There are a number of private companies which may pay higher than these amounts but they don’t disclose their numbers to the public.

1.James Mworia – CEO of Centum Investments


He gets an annual compensation of Ksh16.7 million per month or Ksh201.1 million a year due to the company’s high performance bonus payouts. The company pays bonuses based on the performance of the share price which translates to growth of shareholders funds.

2. James Mwangi – CEO of Equity Group.


He is credited together with his team for growing Equity Bank from the smallest bank in Kenya to the 2nd largest bank in Kenya. He is paid an average of Ksh15.9 million a year. He also earned over Ksh400 million from dividends due to his shareholding in Equity Bank.


3. Keith Gretton and Philip Lopokoiyit – CEO and CFO of BAT Kenya


Keith is the CEO and Philip is the CFO of BAT Kenya, the largest cigarette manufacturer in Kenya. The each make Ksh13.2 million a month.


4. Bob Collymore – Safaricom CEO


Bob Collymore heads the biggest and most profitable company in Kenya which is Safaricom. He gets paid around Ksh10.7 million a month.


5. Joshua Oigara – KCB CEO


Joshua heads the biggest bank in Kenya which is KCB and he is paid around Ksh6.2 million a month.


Other big earners are Jane Karuku MD of KBL, Charles Ireland former CEO of EABL and Tracey Barnes the former CFO of EABL shared an average monthly salary of Ksh7.2 million.

CS of Health, Cleopha Mailu, used to be the CEO of Nairobi Hospital. There he was paid a monthly salary of Ksh5 million a month. Former Uchumi CEO Jonathan Ciano used to earn Ksh2.2 million a month before being sacked while former Kenya Airways CEO Titus Naikuni was making Ksh8.5 million a month even when the airline was making losses.



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