Some Of The Highest Earning Churches In Nairobi, Kenya

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2016)

The church business is very lucrative here in Kenya and if you have a huge following especially if they are mostly made up of the middle class folks and above, the amount a church collects can be humongous. Its not a secret that some of the most famous pastors ride in the most expensive machines thanks to just income from spreading the word of God.

Rev_Kathy_Kiuna2 Bishop-Allan-Kiuna-after-loosing-weight-2



Owuor convoy


Some churches do disclose how much amount they collect and make the details public. They also show how the money was spent. Here are some of the churches making the most money in Kenya according to their 2015 income figures.

1.CITAM (Christ Is The Answer Ministries)

Citam Valley Road

The brand has over 15 branches of churches all over the country plus they own the famous gospel station, Hope FM. They also have 5 different schools under their brand.

Tithe and offering:Ksh946 million, a huge jump from 2014’s Ksh798m

Total income: Ksh1.016 billion


2. Nairobi Chapel

Nairobi Chapel 2

Nairobi Chapel got a total income of Ksh440 million and just Ksh212.68m was from Tithes and Offerings.

Nairobi Chapel


3. All Saints Cathedral


This is a very popular church and it made around Ksh171.6 million from Offerings and Tithe. Its total income stood at Ksh191 million.

All Saints


4. Mavuno Church

Mavuno Church

In 2015 this church got Ksh201m from Tithe and Offerings while its total income from all its sources stood at Ksh291m.


5. Nairobi Baptist Church

Nairobi Baptist Church

The total income from all sources stood at Ksh163 million. Of this around Ksh94.4 million came from Offerings.


These are just some of the churches that make their results public. There are other PCEA churches and private churches that make just as much or more. Some of the big churches which we don’t have their numbers are Winners Chapel, JCC (Jubilee Christian Church) Ministries, NPC, Faith Evangelistic Ministry, JCC (Jesus Celebration Center) Bamburi, Jesus Is Alive Ministries, Neno Evangelism Center etc

Faith Evangelistic Ministry

Faith Evangelistic Ministry

Winners Chapel

Winners Chapel

JCC Bamburi

JCC Bamburi

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