Highest Paid DJs In Kenya

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2014)

In Kenya you will find hundreds of upcoming DJs in the industry but only the most hardworking, creative and talented make it to the top. When you get to the top of the game, money will just flow in since you will be on high demand especially from big corporate sponsors in Kenya like Safaricom, Guinness, Smirnoff etc

So who brings home most of the cash after long days and nights of deejaying

1. DJ Joe Mfalme

dj joe mfalme

He started from nothing and now charges as much as sh130,000-sh170,000 for any regional or international gigs (out of the country).  When it comes to club gigs he will charge between sh30,000-sh50,000. He also does campus events where the event organizers will have to part with sh60,000 – sh70,000 for his services. Events like weddings and other ceremonies he will go home with a minimum of sh50,000. He also does shows for Capital FM.

2. DJ Mo (Sammy Muraya)

dj moh

He is one of Kenya’s top gospel djs. You will have to part with between sh100,000-sh170,000 for corporate events upwards of sh50,000 for wedding ceremonies, campus events and any other special event. He makes between sh130,000-sh170,000 for international tour events.

3. DJ Kalonje

dj kalonje

Almost every person in Nairobi who used matatus with loud music has heard of his mixes. The easiest way he grew his name.

sh250,000-sh350,000 – Corporate events

sh100,000-sh150,000 – Campus events

upwards of sh50,000 – Club gigs

sh170,000 – Country tours

4. DJ Kaytixx

dj kaytrixx

Back in 2007, Kaytrixx used to be paid just sh200 a night. Now he can make as much as sh860,000 in a single event. He does a show (Strai8 Up) on KTN and another show on Homeboyz (Hangover). The father of twins is a busy dad.

Small events (weddings) – sh30,000-sh60,000

Campus events – sh50,000-sh80,000

Local corporate events & concerts- upwards of sh80,000

East African Concerts – sh170,000-sh450,000

International events – sh250,000-sh850,000

5. DJ Creme

dj creme

He does a lot of corporate and international gigs. He does the show Xtreem Music on Citizen Tv plus he gets a bunch of shows all over the country and clubs. He started his career just for fun and to get the ladies. He got really good at it and it now puts food on the table.

6. DJ Hassan

dj hassan

He does a show on Homeboyz Radio and Homegrown on tv. He charges upwards of sh100,000 for corporate events, sh50,000 for campus events and club gigs.

7. DJ Hypnotic

dj hypnotic

Another big name in the industry. He has a show on the radio station, KISS 100. He charges sh150,000 for corporate events, sh30,000 for club gigs and sh50,000 for shows at the club.

8. DJ Pierra

dj pierra

She is also an actor and Kenya’s top female dj. She can charge as much as sh180,000 for corporate events and sh30,000 for club gigs. She also has her own band.

There are lots of other top DJs in the industry but they basically charge close to the same amount.