7 Highest Paid Hockey Players In The NHL In 2017

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2017)

Professional athletes in popular sports are able to make boatloads of cash not just from fat salaries but also endorsement deals from different companies. However, the players never get paid the same amount of money. The top 10 highest paid players got to earn $132 million this season and just a small portion is from endorsement deals.

The NHL has estimated revenues of over $4 billion with about 1/3 of it coming from Canada’s ticket sales, television deal with Rogers Communications and Canadian sponsorship deals. This is where a large portion of the population watch the NHL games.

Here are the top 7 highest earning hockey players

7. Shea Weber – $12 million

He plays for the Montreal Canadiens as a defenseman and is also a two time Olympic gold medalist. His salary is around $12 million a year thanks to his 14 year, $110 million contract. He made around $100,000 in endorsement deals.

6. P.K Subban – $12.5 million

He now plays for Nashville Predators as a defenseman. He has a salary cap of $9 million through 2023 and he got a $2 million signing bonus. He is also able to make over $1.5 million from endorsement deals from companies like Gatorade, Air Canada, Samsung and others

5. Alex Ovechkin – $14 million

He currently plays for the Washington Captains as a left wing. He makes around $10 million a year in terms of salaries and an extra $4 million from endorsement deals from companies like Nike, Upper Deck, Coca-coal, Bauer etc

4. Anze Kopitar – $14 million

He plays for the Los Angeles Kings and there he is paid a total of $14 million in a year. This is made up of a base salary of $5 million and a signing bonus of $9 million.

3. Patrick Kane – $14.8 million

He is the top scorer in the league and got the MVP award. He makes around $13.8 million in salary and an extra $1 million from endorsement deals. He has an $84 million contract with Chicago Blackhawks and a signing bonus of $6 million.

2. Sidney Crosby – $15.4 million

He plays for the Pitsburg Penguins and here he was able to get a total salary for $10.9 million. In addition to this, he also gets an extra $4.5 million in endorsements.

1. Jonathan Toews – $16 million

He has the highest selling jersey in the NHL last season. This Chicago Blackhawks is able get a total salary of $13.8 million which includes a $6 million signing bonus. In the endorsements department, he has deals with Bauer, Hallmark, Upper Deck, Canadian Tire etc which made him around $2.2 million.

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