Most Hilarious Comments From Kenyans Demanding Larry Madowo To Get Married

(Last Updated On: November 22, 2017)

NTV journalist Larry Madowo is one of the most successful journalist in the country but one thing about him that stands out is that he is not married. The reason for this that he has given is that he still hasn’t found a lady that can keep up with him.

Yesterday, Larry shared a photo of him and Amina congratulating her for coming in on The Trend to replace him after he left the show for a different challenge at NTV. He posted:

β€œAmina presents a new fresh air of breath in the entertainment industry and she has a 360 degree understanding of the industry. She is the new face of entertainment, from TV, radio to emceeing and that is what NTV was looking for.”

Various people were quick to rush to the comment section of the post to demand Larry Madow that he gets married as soon as possible. Some were even suggesting that he pursues Amina. Amina is married to one of Homeboyz Entertainment owners DJ John Rabar for a number of years.

Here are some of the best comments:

Ati you’ve known her for long… and in that long time taking a picture while smiling like a Salamander on heat is the furthest you’ve gone? Larry old women did not bring sour milk and eggs to the fundraiser that took you to college so that you can graduate and take pictures with girls. Kasri wuod Siaya, kasri.


πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚so many ladies and still you cook for yourself!! πŸ˜€ or you don’t know that sweet potatoes are found beneath the surface?? πŸ˜€


Larry please stop swelling our head pile u r are letting us down, u r behaving like my Luyha watchman friend who normally post pictures of himself guarding different high class banks like Barclays, KCB, Standard chartered, CBK but hana ata ka m-shwari account. Just get a single mother of four pls amend ur life


Ee mwenyezi mungu, twakuomba siku ya leo ya kwamba ufungulie huyu kaka yetu macho ya ndani ili aweze kuonekaniwa na msaidizi na mpenzi wake..naomba nkiamini kwa jina lako takatifu Amina..
and we say Amen…


You should welcome her to your house too.


Larry wuod siaya,i understand you bro… the picture you have with ladies are so loaded in your gullery that choosing makes your fore-head hairs disapper in athin space of air… you’re like sijui nichukuwe Amina…aaaa hapana amina akona tumatako sana watu watanichekelea.You think those ladies you take photos with smile becoz they are happy… no no no,you’re wrong about that at the back of their mind they be like… “na huyu ni nini na yeye anaoa lini haoni zilizopendwa”


I am told she belongs to someone else but stealing is allowed here. I mean she has come to you come to her too


Why do you always pocket your hand while holding super ladies? What animal are you restraining there….? Just joking….lol


Finally my brother has decided, a great couple indeed. Congratulations Larry…….


Opportunity comes once in lifetime. Take her na ata naona, ako na bbyface na hajakomaa saana shida, anaeza Kua slay queen

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