Hilarious Interview Of Babu Owino and Fellow Aspirant With Larry Madowo On NTV

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2015)


Babu Owino is a guru of student politics, he has been SONU chairman in the University Of Nairobi for quite a number of times. He is the former, current, outgoing and incoming chairman, so many titles in one position. He already has a degree in Actuarial Science and is now doing a Law degree. Recently there was violence in the University of Nairobi during campaigns and so Larry Madowo invited two aspirants for SONU chairman position, Babu Owino and Dennis Njeru. Babu Owino took the full opportunity to try and embarrass Dennis Njeru in-front of Kenyans claiming he is a goon and was responsible for the stabbing of a student. Watch the interview.