Why You Should Host Your Website In Kenya Instead Of Abroad

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2014)


Kenyan companies are slowly setting up their websites as internet penetration in Kenya increases. Most of them are opting to host in servers in the United States or United Kingdom. The Telecommunication Services Providers Association (TEPSOK) discourages this practice and wants them to host them on Kenyan servers. Why?

1. Faster access to content – Mail and various other pieces of content will be faster to access since one will not have to access servers abroad which are much farther than the servers right here in Kenya. There will be less lag (failure of an application to respond)

2. No downtime in case there is a fibre optic cut within the sea. Fibre optics are what we use to access data from servers abroad and if they are not functioning nothing will be accessed. However most internet service providers have back up methods of accessing in case this happens.

Some of the biggest problems when hosting your website in Kenya is the lack of enough power supply, security, slow speeds and expensive hosting plans. This has made most website owners to avoid local hosting in Kenya.

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