How DJ Joe Mfalme Is Enjoying The Millions He Made Over The Festive Period

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

The festive period in December is when most people open their wallets to spend the savings they made during the year so as to end the year in style. This is also the time most deejays get the most bookings when it comes to end of year parties, concerts and the ever full night clubs. DJ Joe Mfalme, one of the biggest brands in the local entertainment industry, got his fair share of the millions that were spent during the festive season since he had back to back bookings all through the month.

The talented deejay has decided this January to take some time off to recharge his batteries. Here is how he is spending his holiday:

Joe Mfalme packed his bags into his new black Mercedes Benz and decided to head out of Nairobi for some peace and quiet away from the nightclub noises


He made his way to Nanyuki right at the slopes of Mount kenya to stay at Sweetwaters Serena Camp which is right at the equator.


These are the views the deejay is currently enjoying

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