How Much Bob Collymore Earns At Safaricom & His Wealth

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2015)

safaricom bob collymore

When you are the CEO of the biggest company in Kenya you are bound to be making millions of shillings every month. The valuation of Safaricom is bigger than the combined valuation of 4 of the biggest banks in Kenya and makes almost double the next profitable public company in Kenya.


Bob Collymore has declared his wealth and he is paid a salary of ksh10 million ($100,000) per month. He has assets worth over ksh277 million ($2.7 million) which is way less than some of the people in the Kenyan government who have worked for less years than Bob Collymore’s 30 years.

Bob makes Ksh591,600 ($5,800) a year from dividends and interest income. He owns Safaricom shares worth Ksh18.4 million and Vodafone PLC shares worth Ksh88.8 million ($871,000). He has a house in London worth Ksh54 million and his bank accounts have a total of Ksh95.4 million in cash.

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