How Much Money Alinity Makes On Twitch – Net Worth

(Last Updated On: August 17, 2021)

Alinity Net Worth – $2 Million


Alinity Divine is a Twitch streamer born in Colombia but based in Canada. Her real name is Natalia Mogollon and she has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She started out back in 2012 mainly playing the popular game known as World Of Warcraft but has since focused on other games such as Apex Legends, Valorant, The Last Of Us, Grand Theft Auto V, Mario Kart etc. She also sometimes just chats with her viewers and shares her opinion on various topics at hand. Before fame online, she was a student at the University of Saskatchewan studying to get a nursing degree.

How Much Money Does Alinity Earn On Twitch?

Alinity has over 1.5 million followers on the platform and has accumulated over 85 million views so far. She is able to get an average viewership of 2,500 people per stream. Streamers make money through ads, subscribers, donations and bits. Alinity has around 2,000 subscribers from which she makes a minimum of $2.5 per month from each. This should add up to around $5,000 a month ($60,000) a year. She makes an equally high amount from the other avenues available.

Officially, Twitch Partners and Affiliates receive 50% of the total subscription fee, so for the $4.99 tier, the streamer would get around $2.50. Twitch has been known to increase this amount for popular streamers to encourage them to remain on the Twitch platform, with some being upgraded to anywhere from 60% to 100% of the monthly fee.

Streamers make money through the Cheering feature when a fan cheers with bits in the chat. A Cheer is an animated chat emote that uses bits. Typing “Cheer1” will generate a grey bouncing triangle, and cost you 1.4 cents. “Cheer100” brings up a dancing purple diamond, and costs you $1.4. You can Cheer any amount you please (including irregular figures, and the corresponding emotes get larger and larger, up to a “Cheer10000,” a $140 tip represented by a fractured red star. streamers will get 1 cent for every Bit pledged while Twitch will keep the 0.4 cents.

Fans can also donate directly to their favorite streamers through Paypal and also cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum. There are a variety of third-party services which Twitch streamers can connect to their account to activate additional features such as donations and alerts. Some of the more-popular services are Gaming For Good, StreamTip, Muxy, Stream Elements, and StreamLabs. All of these services create a unique donation page for your channel hosted on their own server which you can direct your viewers to make a donation.

Alinity makes extra income through lucrative brand deals from different brands.