How Much Nairobi Cougars Spend On Young Men

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2015)


A cougar is just an older woman who mainly seeks physical intimacy from younger men. In Nairobi there is a group called Nairobi Cougar LoungeĀ  which is a private member club situated in Lavington that spends a lot of money on young men for their physical satisfaction.

Not just any young Kenyan man can take himself there and get paid for satisfying these women. The women will have to invite you first, then you spend some quality time with the women at their private club in Lavington. If you are able to satisfy their intimate desires you get paid Ksh15,000 – Ksh20,000 per day. With the high rate of unemployment in Kenya, many young men would really love to get this opportunity of easy fast money.

The club consists of women above 40, both black and white, and they insist the young men who are interested should be very skillful and energetic in the bedroom.