How Standard Media’s Royalty King App Works

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2015)


Royalty King is a new app by top Kenyan media company Standard Group whereby you get points after you receive a phone call. So how does it make money? The app will serve you with ads based on your location, phone type or time of the day. You get a share of the revenue by getting points which you can redeem for airtime, vouchers, promotion tickets etc.


The app size is just 1.5MB and you get to redeem points from 10 points. Your points have to be verified so you may end up losing 1 or 2 points. Go ahead and try it here. If you feel like an ad is offensive you can press the flag off button. If you end up abusing the app (calling yourself using another number countless times) for sure there will be consequences such as your points will stop updating. Let it all be natural.

This is a new of a kind app in Kenya.

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