How To Buy and Sell Your Bonga Points

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2015)


Onfon Media, a Nairobi based IT firm, was given permission by Safaricom to buy and sell Safaricom Bonga Points which people get for using Safaricom services. Before this, they had been shut down by the telecommunication company since they had not conducted the company.

Buying and selling Bonga Points will solve Safaricom’s problem of too many Bonga Points piling up in their system since people are not really redeeming them. So how can you sell your bonga points in exchange for cash or buy bonga points that you need:

Just dial *464#. You will buy a bonga point at Ksh0.25 and sell each at Ksh0.15. The difference in price goes to the company.

Once you dial, you will get two options of whether you want to buy or sell your points. Pick one then input the number of points you want to buy or sell, the minimum is 500.

If you pick sell: You will the get another prompt asking you to dial *126*4*0700555111#. This is the prompt to transfer your bonga points. You will the pick the amount of bonga points then enter your bonga points pin number. The amount will be sent to you shortly after sending the points.

If you pick buy: You will get a prompt to enter the number of bonga points you want minimum 100. Afterwards you will be asked to send the amount to Pay Bill number 932600 and BP as Account Number. Once you pay they will transfer the bonga points to you within 30 minutes