How To Buy Shares In The Stock Market In Kenya

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2015)

dyer and blair

Am sure by now you have heard of the many billionaires at the Nairobi Securities Exchange who own hundreds of thousands of shares in various publicly listed companies and many people would love to be part of that list. Many people in Kenya don’t know how they can invest their money in the stock market.

So what are the requirements to buy shares in publicly listed companies in Kenya?

1. You will need a CDSC account. This is got from various brokers or investment banks in Kenya, you can get more information about them here. It is free in most of these institutions. All you need to ask is the minimum account amount they require to open an account (This is your starting capital, it will go directly into your account for you to start trading). Ensure you have your original ID, passport photos, PIN certificate (sometimes) and sometimes a utility bill. These are the common requirements in most of these stock brokers and investment banks.

2. Once your account is registered, make sure you ask when it will be activated and follow up on this. Once that is done you can start buying and selling shares.