How To Invest In Bonds In Kenya: Account Opening

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2016)


The Central Bank of Kenya regularly offer treasury bills and treasury bonds to the public inviting them to invest their money here and in return they will earn an interest and at times a discount price. Treasury bills mature in a year or less while treasury bonds are for more than a year. Currently in Kenya, interest rates on these risk free investments are quite high as compared to developed nations hence offer a far much better return.

So first you will need a CDS account (Central Depository System) at the Central Bank. This is not the same one used to invest in shares at the NSE. The forms can be found at Central Bank Of Kenya. Note it closes at 2pm and you must return the form personally. It takes quite a while for your account to be activated depending on how busy the offices are.



1. Individuals may hold a single or joint CDS accounts but NO minor accounts.
2. Each individual CDS account holder/applicant MUST complete the CDS accounts specimen signature mandate
card (the card) which can be collected from any of the Central Bank of Kenya Branches in Nairobi, Mombasa,
Kisumu, Eldoret or the Currency Centers in Meru, Nakuru and Nyeri.
3. The card (s) should be completed in BLOCK LETTERS, neatly and clearly.
4. Names MUST be written in the order that they appear on the identification document.
5. NO alternations/errors.
6. The card MUST not be folded or disfigured in anyway.
7. Signatories to the CDS account will be required to sign the card in the presence of a designated CBK Officer or
any Authorized Agent.
8. On completion applicants will personally submit the duly completed card (s) together with:
a. One recent coloured Passport size photograph of the account Holder.
b. The reverse side of the photograph MUST be certified by the applicants Bankers and stamped.
c. The photograph must NOT be stapled or glued to the card.
d. The original and clear copy of the National Identity card/valid Passport/alien certificate for
verification. (Note that the copies will be retained by CBK)
9. Two signatories of your Bankers, whether a Commercial Bank or Financial institution must sign and stamp the
card on the space provided, confirming the Bank account details.

 The Commercial Bank/Financial institution under note 9 above must be licensed by the Central Bank of
 Payments will be made to the Bank account specified in the mandate card.
 On receipt of all the requirements, CDS account application (s) will be processed within seven working days.
 Change of address may be advised through a letter signed by signatories as per the mandate.
 To change details of the CDS account one completes a CDS card and follows all the requirements mentioned
from no. 1 to 9.

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