How To Participate In The NSE Investment Challenge

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2015)


Do you want to win Ksh600,000 or an internship? The NSE Investment Challenge is an opportunity for to get all these.

So What is the NSE Investment Challenge? This an online investment challenge where each participating individual or group is given a virtual start up capital to invest using the real time stock prices from the NSE for 3 months. The winning team or individual is the one with the highest portfolio value. A single team can have a maximum of 4 members.

How To Register

1. Pay a registration fee of Ksh200 via Mpesa using Paybill number 222333 and your ID number/ Passport No in the Account Number. You will be provided with log in details of your account.

2. Log in to NSE website then click NSE INVESTMENT CHALLENGE then complete the registration form. The username will be your ID/passport number and password the Mpesa code. Once done you will get an email showing the password and username.


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