How To Sign Up Your Business To Lipa Na Mpesa

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2014)


Lipa Na Mpesa is a service by Safaricom which allows merchants or business owners to receive payments from customers using M-Pesa. The service can be applied for through Safaricom or Kopokopo (approved partner). It can be used by any business, large or small.

To sign up for an account you will need to contact any Safaricom authorized dealers, M-Pesa agents or you can just go to the Safaricom shops.


1. Pin number

2.Your ID as the business owner.

3. The registration documents for your business from the Company Registrar or County Government business permits.

4. A mobile number registered to M-pesa and M-Shwari.


You will get a till number and a special sim card which is basically used for receiving M-Pesa payments. The SIM card also comes with a special access to customer care (2134) which is different from the regular customer care the public has access to. It has the ability to hold up to sh50 million in a given moment.

How will you withdraw your money after a customer makes a payment?

Your till will be linked to the mobile number you provided during registration, the one that has an M-Pesa account on it. The USSD code *234*7# will be used to send the request.

The maximum amount of cash you can withdraw from your till in a single request is sh70,000 and up to a maximum of sh140,000 per day.

Lipa Na Mpesa charges merchants 1% of the value of transaction being carried out. This will be charged when removing your funds from the till.

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