How Waiguru’s Ministry Has Been Stealing Millions Through Overpricing

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2015)


The Devolution Ministry headed by CS Anne Waiguru is again on the spotlight because of looting public funds. This time it is through excessive overpricing of items being purchased by the ministry for the financial year 2013/2014.

The ministry spend a whooping ksh450,000 for custom made condom dispensers, Ksh1.7 million for a screen in Waiguru’s office and Ksh12 million in office partition. A whole Ksh1.9 million was spent on free Adobe software and Ksh250,000 on just 10 flashdisks.

Some other outrageous purchases were:

20 Ball point pens, fine tipped, blue each costing Sh8,700 at a total cost of Sh174,000.

Two IPAD tablets each costing Sh180,000 amounting to Sh260,000. One DVD player costing at Sh45,000.

100 4GB Flash disks each costing Sh2,420 One Piano costing Sh235,900.

Payment of supply of Kaspersky security kit cost Sh973,780.

One Laptop at Sh206,000.

Two visitors chairs each costing Sh56,950

Business cards Sh1.5 million.

100 Keyboards and adaptors each costing 40,000


This is the same ministry that lost a whole Ksh45 billion collected from Eurobond. Well so many bank accounts have been fattened up.

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