Huddah Got The Rudest Shock After Revealing Her Contact Information To The Public

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2016)

Popular socialite Huddah Monroe made her name through scandals and revealing pictures constantly posted on social media. She now trying to use her fame to launch other money making ventures by selling clothing, hosting events etc. so she had to unveil her contact information to the public.


Huddah posted her business email address ( and it got filled with raunchy pictures making it very difficult to get the important emails.

Here is what she ranted:

Kindly, Boys and Girls. Ladies and Gents …. This email on my BIO is STRICTLY for Business! Proposals, business ideas, business enquiries, EVENTS hosting etc… Just BUSINESS! This mail is not for flirting, for sending me private parts on it or simply just saying “Hi”. You are wasting my space and My Management tend to not see important MAILS on time ….. Those private parts, hook up messages, and small talks DM me and I’ll decide whether I’m responding or NOT …….Remember TIME is money, if you have nothing important to say don’t MAIL me, there’s a REASON there’s DIRECT MESSAGE on IG ….. Gracias”


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