Huddah Monroe: “My Boyfriend Forced Me To Do Breast Enlargement”

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2018)

If you knew Huddah Monroe back in the day before she featured in Big Brother Africa then you also know that she had really small breasts that she ended up enlarging them. Huddah has recently talked about how she ended up making that decision and she said that the man she was dating at the time forced her to do it.



Speaking to Tanzania’s Lil Ommy, Huddah said this in an interview:

“Nilikuwa nadate mtu alikuwa anapenda maziwa makubwa but nilikuwa flat. I love my body do much, ingewezekana watu kutembea uchi ningekuwa sivai chochote cause I’m very confident with my body.”

Huddah went on to further reveal that she once dated a vice president from a country which she didn’t reveal:

“I was dating somebody who was very wealthy. Alikuwa ni vice president was country fulani. After that I dated somebody else who was a footballer in a very big team.”

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