Huddah Monroe To Permanently Remove Her Hair On The Lady Down There

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2015)


Huddah Monroe, the socialite living the high expensive lifestyle traveling all over the globe with high net worth sponsors. Her guzzler car the Range Rover Sport is the envy of many girls in Kenya.

Well Huddah now wants business to run more smoothly lol. She underwent a Laser Hair Removal by Dermatologist Dr Bansil, Saroop Singh at the Laser & Aesthetic Center Upper Hill Medical. This ensures the permanent removal of any unwanted hair at a cost of Ksh100,000 over 10-15 sessions depending on how much hair is to be removed.

Huddah said this about the procedure, About to undergo Laser Hair Removal ……… #NoMoreHaironMyyPrivates#MakingLifeEasy