Huddah Reveals How She Got Her Pink Range Rover

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2016)


We have all seen Huddah Monroe drive a pink Range Rover but we have never seen her go to work or anything of that sort. We just see her globe trotting and posting photos & videos in different hotels.

Currently there are some tangible ways we see Huddah make money and that is through endorsement deals such as being Uber Ambassador in Kenya, BrightenMi Cosmetics etc. She also does club hosting gigs which pay her a six figure pay cheque or more depending on how big the event is.

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In an interview with Kiss FM evening show, Huddah says that she got her Range Rover through hustling since she was 16 years old and claimed she had no sponsor.

Sorry folks once again Huddah dodges the question of clearly describing her source of income by using the term “hustling”

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