“I Wanted To Give That Nurse A Beating” Jahmby Koikai Reveals New Painful Hospital Experience

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2018)

Jahmby Koikai has been in the United States for medical reasons for some time and from time to time, she shares some of her ordeals at the hospital. In her latest one she reveals that she wanted to beat up the nurse after she was forced to walk despite all the pain she was in. The walk helps prevent her muscles from numbing and prevent pneumonia.

Check out her experience:

A few weeks ago i had to get out of my bed with 2 chest tubes for this gruelling walk around the hospital floor. This was the easier walk prior to 2 more chest tubes being added. Hospitali za America hakuna kulala. From the first day of my surgery right after i was brought from the theater, i was made to walk. I’ll never forget how i wanted to give that nurse a beating with anything close to me na kumbe sina hata nguvu lol. My mom and my sis tried to talk to her to let me rest tukaambiwa that’s the policy. Mimi sasa nikaanza kuleta umtaa lol nikamshow akijaribu kunitoa kwa hiyo wheelchair ati nitembee atajua hajui. Enyewe nilijua sijui nikatii. From day 1 I’ve been walking around that hospital in gruelling pain but we have to do it to get better. Then kuna jamaa flani mlami hapa pia yeye ako na ngori ya chest but huyo ni wazimu. Huyo jamaa niliona akitembea nikajiambia hizo ndio goals lol, hana sweater, hana socks, na anatembea teke mbaya. These walks help the muscles ndio usijaribu kuganda ama ushindwe kutembea and to prevent pneumonia. America wameaminia AC sana hata kwa ward kuna njeve ajaab so mi zangu ni mablanketi full time. So AC keeps bacteria levels at a minimum. I was also in an isolated ward due to the state of my lungs.

God is so great. I thank Him for my progress. I thank Him for the treatment.
I am still fundraising and kindly asking for your assistance to pay the hospital bill and therapy that shot up after my long hospitalisation.
Back home in Kenya you can use the paybill number 490681
Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund
CashApp for diaspora fam is $ Lucy Karuri
Phone number: 678-478-7804
In the ‘For’ section put: Njambi Endo Fund
Kindly see the gofundme link on my bio.
Now fundraising for 6.6 million shillings.
There’s a fundraiser slated for 5th of May at the Believers Celebration Centre, Marietta, Atlanta.

God bless you all for the support, love and prayers.

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