Important Business Lessons From Pastor Kanyari

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2014)

kanyari 2

For those who don’t know Pastor Kanyari, read this
1) INVEST IN FAST MOVING CONSUMER GOODS-Human beings have utmost respect to the living God and any person who professes His gospel, that translates to immediate ready market for con pastors. Invest in products with a potential huge market base.

2) BRAND ASSOCIATION-associate your brand only with those brands that bring value to your core business. By marrying Betty Bayo, Kanyari strategically placed and authenticated his brand

3) TEAMWORK-have a team that does the ‘dirty’ work for you,a team that would take a bullet for you. Brainwash them and make them stay ever loyal to you.In business great brands are the effort of a dedicated team.

4) MARKETING-marketing must always remain the heart of any business, even prostitutes dress down in biting cold to market themselves. Put your products out there and let as many people as possible know about your brand.

5) INSPIRE, GIVE HOPE- Kanyari drives a fleet of high end vehicles and lives flashy. It is important for your clients to always see you prosper so that they too have a reason to dream and hope in prospering like you have.

6) IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY, KEEP YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH-now that Kanyari has been exposed he has the golden chance to make more money. He needs to tell his flock that the word in the bible is coming to pass…messengers of the word are under attack and their people must stand with them to fulfill the word. That translates in more mbegu to ensure the man of the Lord is safe and healthy.

7) TIME-Great brands are built over time through sweat, tears and hard work. You can not build a strong brand overnight.

8) INVEST AND RE-INVEST-the profits you make must always be put back into business for purposes of growth and reaching a wider audience. Kanyari for sure invests heavily in marketing and the end results are visible from his lifestyle.

9) THE PLACE OF HUMOR IN BUSINESS- people have lower attention span so you need to spice up everything you do with a little comedy to keep the audience glued. Kevin Hart has nothing on Kanyari.