India’s ‘Elephant Man’ Refuses Surgery So As To Pay For Daughter’s Wedding

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2014)

indian elephant man

Mannan Mondal, 50, is also known as ‘melted man’ of Delhi does not want reconstructive surgery so that he can save up for his daughter’s wedding. He suffers from a condition known as neurofibromatosis  hence has a high risk of growing tumors. He actually uses his condition to make money as a beggar in the streets of Delhi.

india elephant man3

Mannan’s appearance made him banned from school and has no other skill apart from begging. He actually found love when he was 18 and has two sons and two daughters. He makes around £5 (ksh750) in a day to feed his family. He has no money to buy land or a house so he lives in a tent pitched on a footpath.

india elephant man 4 india elephant man 5 india elephant man 6

The 50 year old was born with the deformities but they were much smaller. His family was poor so he did not have any other option. Right now he has only one eye and four teeth which he brushes with his fingers.

india elephant man 2

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