Jacelyne Reeves – Facts About Clint Eastwood’s Ex

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2020)


Jacelyn is a former flight attendant and known for her extra marital affair with Clint Eastwood.

Born in Seattle, Washington on 21st December 1951 and is an American. She is of mixed ethnicity consisting of Welsh, German, Dutch, Scottish and Iris.

Jacelyn dated American actor Clint Eastwood in 1985 while she was still a flight attendant. At that time Clint was still married to Sondra Locke. During this time they had 2 children, a son Scott Eastwood who is now a famous actor and a daughter Kathryn Eastwood.

In 1990, she got married to Private Bells but they are currently divorced and have no children together.


Jacelyn worked as a flight attendant. No other details on her career are available.