Jahmby Koikai Narrates What She Went Through Before She Got To Atlanta

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2018)

Jahmby Koikai has been sick for a number of years and has been openly fundraising on different platforms to get enough money to cover her really high medical expenses. She finally made it to Atlanta for her medical procedure but her journey there was not as normal as any other.

Just before her flight, she revealed that she almost didn’t make it for the flight after the airline told her that she couldn’t travel without having a doctor on board yet she already had a nurse.

Check out her story:

As we’ve been together throughout this journey, I’ll also keep sharing about this victorious part of the journey. If my story doesn’t inspire you or touch you in any way, let it remind you that God is real. So after sending my medical records to most airlines, i was classified as a high risk patient. Part of their requirements was to have a nurse on board. Then my connecting flight said no, i have to get a medical doctor on board with me. This is after we have made all the plans with my nurse. Fair enough. I just said to God, haki this is not the time for me to start getting stressed. I’ve really tried staying stable and out of depression. Luckily the evening before we fly I’m cleared by both airlines. I also had to pay for extra standby oxygen on the flight. Firstly because my case is ‘critical’ and everyone was literally holding their breath when they saw me wheeled in with a tube and bottle lodged in my body. I said a prayer. I told God that my lungs will not give in to any pressure neither will i get any complications. Thank God for nurse Maggy. She was there telling me how we are making it and laughing. I could see mom across us praying. Family, from Nairobi to Amsterdam, i was breathing perfectly at saturation levels of 98. I did not need any oxygen. We get to Amsterdam and everyone had been notified about us. We check into the medical centre, change our bottle and receive further clearance. There wasn’t much time on transit. Was wheeled into the plane, covered in all our blankets as the flight attendants shared their worries about me being on the flight. Anyway 10 hours later we got to Atlanta safe and sound. No lung issues, was breathing perfectly fine. I ate and slept all the way.
I still have the tube in place for a few days and that will be the first celebration party when it’s removed.”

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