Jalang’o Posts Heartfelt Messages As He Dumps Jeff Koinange To Join Alex Mwakideu At Milele FM

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2018)

After just 1 year four months, the biggest combination on radio of two big names in the media industry namely Jeff Koinange and Jalang’o has officially come to an end abruptly after Jalang’o decided to reunite with former co-host Alex Mwakideu to work at Milele FM. This morning he went on his Instagram to post some heartfelt message to his former colleagues as he said his goodbyes.

Anamaneno saana Mbooso….

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To Jeff Koinange he posted:

My brother…My Mentor…My Friend and my partner…I haven’t even called you to say bye because I don’t know what to tell..I guess my voice will shake all through and maybe I’d want to lie and maybe tell you I’ll be back..It’s your time to shine on! Hold the fort! You’ve always done it so it shouldn’t be be different!
Thank you for everything Jeff
1. Making me believe in myself again that I can fit in any place even when people dint believe in me you made me shine among the elite!
2. No single day did you ever look down on me even when you knew that our lives were far apart and so different but you held my hands and we created something beautiful #JeffAndJalasOnHot96
3. Each day I learnt something new from you and that gave me the reason to want to wake up each day…your experience in the industry is something I needed and you made working with you a vacation each day!
4. When we started they all were asking “Jeff and JALAS how? And I remember you telling me watch this space! See what it became…A monster show!
5. Keep being the amazing guy you are..I hope you learn to dance kwangwaru soon enough…Friday Swahili interviews…Rooftop things.. and smoke the show up because it will always Go on! The show must go on..SMOOOOOOOOOOKING!
See you at my graduation!


To his boss Cynthia he posted:

You know how you wake up and find someone soo amazing @cynthia_mwangi As your boss! Yes that’s what happened exactly 1 year 4 months ago! Yaani this lady is the most amazing…understanding person you can ever meet!
1. There are those times I get carried away and go overboard in my radio conversations then I see someone hands up…Hehe and I know Bosslady amechoka na ujinga!
2. There are those days I have early morning events…only Cynthia can understand that I can miss a show
3. Each morning she made us shine! Videos…photos…social media
4. Keeping an eye on us…especially activations…hahaha..How many Sanlams have you done!
5. But more so my special name that she calls me!
Boss Lady I’d choose you to be my boss any day! I love you and you know I do!
Sad we won’t be working together but all said and done, the show must go on!


To the show’s deejay, DJ Tee Boy he said:

I got nothing but love for this homeboy @royteeboy
Bruv keep pushing the wheel…Keep spinning the wheel…
Each and every single day you’ve grown to be one of the most sought out Dj coz you know your trade…was happy to meet you at Hot 96 at it dint take long for us to kick and like each other!
See you soon Champ!


To the sports presenter John Kyanda he had this message

8:40….and 9:40 can never be complete without the walking talking encyclopedia of sports! Ma men @johnkyanda
If you love sports then you must love Kyanda…Bro this industry is much of a football maybe one day when the transfer window opens we might play in the same team again! Keep giving them the best…you are a champion in a different league! Much love Bro.

Jalang’o then concluded with this message:

Last Friday was my last day at @hot96fmkenya I must say it’s been a ride and a half…1 year 4 amazing months of hard work and delivery. I want to take this special opportunity to thank The entire Family of Royal media especially The hot 96 Team. Very special mention to Fred Afune who believed in me and assured me that this will work even when no one believed! You gave me an opportunity of a life time and see what we created in just 1 year and 4 months…a monster show.
Waruru Wachira…the man behind the brand Jalango…most of you don’t know that Waruru discovered me thank you soo much!
Thank you to my brother from another mother my mentor whom to this moment I haven’t even called because I don’t know how to @koinangejeff The show must go on! My producer @cynthia_mwangi Thank you soo much.
The most amazing boss you can ever meet.
Simaloi thank you for your guidance and standing with me at anytime I needed you. To all my fellow presenters and the entire @hot96fmkenya Thank you. Special mention to my brother @willisraburu Thank you for your support. We will meet soon.
To the fans of #JeffandJalasOnHot96 You are the best…Thank you for tuning in everyday every morning! LOVE you soo much!
Now the Trumpet has been blown and I have listened to it …let me FOLLOW my heart as I open a new page! Thank you everyone
Still chasing the dream
There is no stopping!

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