Jambi Koikai Shows The Liquid That Has Been Coming Out Of Her Lungs

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2018)

It is public knowledge that Jambi Koikai has been battling with a condition called endometriosis and has been fund raising for a number of months so that she can go for treatment in Atlanta.

She recently shared a video of the liquid that comes out of her lungs to showcase just exactly what she is battling.


I see myself and see a CHAMPION, A WINNER. A QUEEN. A MOVER AND SHAKER. I SEE GOD’S DAUGHTER. DAUGHTER OF THE SOIL. I am happy I’ve never been in denial about my struggles. This has been the first step to healing. Acceptance, then we push forward. We have fought. Fam, it’s been 3 years of battling a condition that has ravaged my body for the last 18years. I’ve lost jobs, lost relationships(I’ll share about this soon), lost friends. God has replaced all these things for me. God has renewed my strength more than ever. I cannot believe we’ve come this far. This is the first time i haven’t experienced anxiety and panic attacks. My lungs are operating at a maximum capacity. I’m eating well. More than anything, love has helped me heal. Love is the best drug. I’m so loved and i love right back. Anyway the big bottle is out. Now the tiny one has to fit in one of my handbags as i travel to Atlanta. We have come this far fam. God is the author and the driver of our destinies. Just accept Him and learn about visions, higher level spirituality, communicating with God, understanding that the chosen ones are under attack from the enemy. Yaani my peeps tumetoka mbali. Everyone in this hospital knows me and has seen how far I’ve come. The critical times. The easier times. I just want to let you know that you’d rather be broke than get sick. Oxygen is free when you’re healthy but the most expensive when you fall ill. Oxygen is charged per grams in hospital.Tafakari hayo. Usijistress juu ya vitu haziko. Take each day at a time. Look at yourself. Look at your potential and how you can positively influence the world. Look at your weaknesses and learn to develop and invest in you. Learn more about wellness and the goodness of life. Learn about food and how it cures our bodies. Learn to live positively. Be a positive human. Don’t engage in competition. Compete with your potential. Be happy. Laugh and eat. Love, love and love. Love is the most beautiful thing. Anyway nimechapa story mob sana lol…. We still have 1m to go. Paybill Number is 490681 Account Name is Jahmby Koikai Fund #thoracicendometriosis #beatingthoracicendometriosis #overcomingendometriosis #winning

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