Juliani Reveals How He Lost His Virginity In The Toilet

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2016)


Rapper Juliani recently decided to reveal something very personal about his life back in the day when he was young. After recently revealing how he smoked as a young kid, right now he just went to reveal the first time he “felt the warmth of a woman”

This was his post:

“This comes from a place of concern and I don’t consider it as badge of honour. Rather this story is an educational piece. Losing virginity, kwani what’s the big deal it’s like a Kenyan on corruption, we all have to do it!

By the time I was in class 3 we were already exposed or somehow introduced to sex. There was always a naked magazine being passed around when the teacher has his back on us, concentrating on the blackboard busy trying to find X

Ule ni dame wangu! Placing your hand on a girls chest was one of those things all too familiar at this point of our age.

We knew who was sleeping with who, yes! — as Much as sometimes you can’t trust boys stories. Unfortunately we had proof. In primary school, a boy would not go to visit a girl alone, he has to roll with his boyz. Partly as security in case there is another boy trying to put his hand on that cooky jar or because of her brothers, brothers tend to be too possessive

My experience happened in the school toilet. Every Friday in our school was overall cleaning day. Whereby classes took turns in washing the entire school. This particular Friday was our turn. The teacher were always not around, the activities were supervised by headboys and school prefects.

I was tense but I had to do what I had to do after all few of my friend knew what I was up to. The girl of my choice was tall, light skinned and we always make eye contact in class. I occasionally threw chewed paper at her; This wasn’t paper mache, we called it paper mate! Strange childish way of declaring love!

The date was set. The girls washroom of course were separate from the boys but after a certain hour of time the rules don’t apply.

I didn’t know what it means, how to do it. I just had to. My “partner in crime” was aware and we made a decision; how and when it’s gonna go down.

And It went down! the clothes and indeed the deed.