Juliani’s Girl, Brenda Wairimu Making Men Thirsty On Instagram

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2018)

Brenda Wairimu, Juliani’s on and off girlfriend, has decided to get her Instagram profile lit after posting a series of revealing photos of her in just a white lingerie doing some very sexy poses.

This is a first from the popular actress who has always kept her image  PG rated. In one photo she revealed that her late mum was the one who bought her the outfit 6 years. Here is what she posted:

Fun fact is that my mum bought me everything but the stockings , and even those I have owned for more than 6 yrs, but have never worn. I’m just captioning this to distract you from the actual picture 😥
I’m getting questions about my hair, it’s twist outs that didn’t dry all the way through, lol.

Here are the photos:

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