Julie Gichuru Demonstrates How She Answers The Hard Questions Her Kids Ask Her

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2017)

Julie Gichuru is a mother of four kids, three boys and a young girl who looks just like her. One profession that she has enjoyed most in her life is motherhood despite the challenges it has sometimes.

Recently, one of Julie’s sons came to her with a problem he was undergoing in his life that was really stressing him. This is how Julie helped the little man overcome his challenge:

6 weeks ago my baby came to me upset, “I’m not winning any medals in swimming Mummy. Why don’t I win?” I paused for a moment, as parents, we would swim for them if we could. I felt his sadness but here we had a great learning and growth opportunity before us.

I softly replied, “My love, do you see how Kim (the eldest) practices so hard? Every day at 5am he is up and training. You hear his basketball thud repeatedly as it bounces on the ground? That’s why he’s so good at basketball. He practices, he works at it. If you practice you will win too my love, but you have to work hard to be the best. It doesn’t just happen.” I saw his eyes light up. “Can I go and practice now?” he asked eagerly. It was 6pm, chilly and getting dark outside. “Not today honey, but you can start first thing in the morning.” He started the next day.

Last week he was selected as the final anchor on his relay team. This is my baby taking it home in style after his team did great in setting the pace. He also won two individual medals including the relay. I am thankful for this lesson in our lives. It is a reminder to us all. #TeachableMoments


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