Kambua Opens Up How Her Ex-Boyfriend Fat Shamed Her

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2018)

Gospel singer and tv show presenter Kambua is currently in a happy marriage but before this things weren’t rosy in her previous relationships. She has now been been married for around 6 years and constantly battles the ridicule she gets from others who attack her for not having any kids.

Recently she decided to open about another issue that most women suffer and this is body image issues. She posted:

“Many years ago, I was dating his guy, I was living life on the chubbier side of life. i was a lot heavier than i am now. i was fresh from high school and i met this guy, we liked each other so we started dating.

“But this guy has a serious issue with my weight. And he was constantly showing me different exercises. He has a lot of advise to give me. It did not bother me too much. There was a time he said something like, ‘You finished a whole chapo by yourself? A whole chapo?’”

“That was like strike two and a half. Strike three was this one time we were going out for a late lunch we went to a fast food place so he bought one piece of chicken for me, one for himself and a pack of fries for us to share.

“So, please keep in mind that i’m already conscious about my weight, what i eat around this guy because of what he said about the chapo. We start eating, i’m eating very slowly nibbling on my chicken taking a fry here and there, then halfway through the meal he goes like ‘i don’t think you should eat any more fries.’

She continued, “He takes the rest of the pack and continued to eat. So i just swallowed a kiwaru, literally. As i’m eating my chicken, he goes like, are you going to finish that, k? And i handed my chicken over to him. Everything inside me, it was like a mixture of balancing my tears, feeling humiliated, hungry and angry.”

Adding, “The relationship, obviously did not last. What I learnt from it is, don’t be with someone who body shames you be with someone who celebrates who you are in every season of your life.