Kathy Kiuna Defends Husband Against Reports Of Infidelity

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2016)


Rumor had it that there was some trouble brewing in The Kiuna paradise after one of the local blogs published an article claiming Bishop Allan Kiuna had a side dish (cheating on Kathy Kiuna).

The blog also claimed that he is expecting a baby with the mpango wa kando. In addition to that, the claims went on to further state that Kathy Kiuna left their matrimonial home and went to South Africa once she got the news.

Bishop Kiuna came out to defend himself by saying “I am a man of integrity, I’m only in love with one woman, Kathy Kiuna and all other accusations are untrue and unfounded. That rumor is unfounded, baseless and wrong, that’s all for now.”

Kathy Kiuna also came out to defend her husband by saying “I thank God for giving me not just a husband but best friend. A man of integrity that has shown me and my family how to love God. Honey you rock and I love you now more than before. Keep walking tall.”


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