“Kenyan Artists Are Hypocrites Nkt!” Akothee Blasts Artists Charging Her To Perform At Grandfather’s Funeral

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2017)

A couple of days ago, Akothee lost her beloved grandfather who died due to illness. It has now come time to bury him and as expected Akothee is planning to give him a grand send off.

She shot out a warning to any artist who may be planning to make money out of his funeral and further revealed that some artist have been sending her direct messages hoping they would get paid to perform. She posted this on Instagram:

Just learnt that people see me in terms of money , you contact me to come perform at my grandpa’s funeral as an artist and expect me to pay you! do I look like a promoter ? ! Haloo , are you insane ? Did you see me share any pay bill number ! Let no one tag me any pay bill no Shit , next time stay in your corner too ! Kenyan artists are hypocrites nkt , if you want to come mourn with me ! get yourself to Rongo if not just stay in Your lane! Stop calling me for price negotiations, learnt a lot during this moment , this is my wall I will mourn my grandfather till I get over it! R.I.P Babuu! I BECAME SO LONELY SINCE I TOUCHED AFEW COINS BUT IT IS WELL.

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