Kenya’s Moral Police, Ezekiel Mutua Angered By Sculpture Of Mating Wildebeests At JKIA

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2018)

Kenya’s very own moral police Ezekiel Mutua is at it again and this time he has a bone to pick with sculptors responsible for the wildebeest sculpture at JKIA. This is because it appears that they are mating, a very normal animal behavior.

He went onto Facebook and let out his frustrations by posting this:

┬áThis sculpture is bizarre and thoughtlessly sexualized. The sexual connotation depicted in this sculpture adds no value to the marketing of Kenya to tourists arriving or leaving JKIA. It’s the work of a dirty mind trying cheaply to sell their creativity. It is not different from the dirty minds who sexualize adverts on TV or on outdoor advertising. This sculpture would not lose any value if the animals were simply grazing in their natural habitation. The mounting aspect sends a wrong message and the sculpture must change. It fails our suitability criteria for content or information meant for public exhibition. We should not allow such bizarre ads and marketing strategies that are meant to create unnecessary sexual innuendo. We need to sober up!

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