Kenyatta University Students To Get Paid Internships

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2014)

kenyatta university

Kenyatta University signed a deal with 50 companies to offer its students with paid internships starting from July 2014. Most of these companies are some of the top companies in Kenya. Here is a list of the top companies Kenyatta University students can get paid internships.

  1. Safaricom
  2. Nation Media Group
  3. Britam
  4. K.C.B
  5. Family bank
  6. Price Water House Coopers (PWC)
  7. Ecobank
  8. Co-operative bank
  9. ABC bank
  10. Seven Seas
  11. Chandaria Group

This program is mainly targeted towars students in their second year of study. The students will work for a maximum of 5 months in each academic year till they graduate from their studies. The amount of money that students will be paid will be decided by the employer.

Employers are able to get the most talented students from the university while the students are able to get paid work experience. Applications will be done at the university and students will be picked according to academic performance and the course one is doing.

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