Ksh400,000 For Governor’s Chopper, Check Out The Leak Meru County Mashujaa Day Budget

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2016)


Last week, Kenya was able to celebrate Mashujaa Day all over the country. However, some government officials saw this as an opportunity to waste public funds.

An alleged photo of Meru County’s Mashujaa Day celebrations budget is circulating online with some pretty huge charges. Some of the biggest crazy expenses is Ksh400,000 for the governor’s chopper, Ksh2.5 million to mobilize guests and pay them for attendance and Ksh300,000 for VIP toilets at Ksh30,000 each despite it being hosted at Meru Technical Training Institute which has toilets of its own.

The governor, county executives and MCAs got gifts at a total budget of Ksh1 million with each getting Ksh25,000 despite earning a fat salary as elected officials. ‘

Here is the full budget.


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