KTN News Anchor Joy Doreen Biira’s Car Stolen At Company’s Parking Lot

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2016)

This December has not been a good year for KTN news anchor Joy Doreen Biira. First she was arrested when in her home country of Uganda for highlighting the deadly clashes between Ugandan police force and the loyalists of a monarch in Kasese region. She is facing charges of “abetting terrorism”. While being held, she was harassed and threatened by the police officers leaving her traumatized.

On Christmas Eve while at work at Standard Group’s main offices along Mombasa Road, Joy’s car got stolen right from the parking lot. It was a Mercedes Benz E-220 with registration number KBY 831K. Various colleagues took to social media to spread the information so as to try and get any leads that can result to the recovery of the car.

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